Sardinian textile craftsmanship

Tessilarredo is a family-run company born from the passion and experience of Domenica Fadda, a textile craftswoman who has been present for over 30 years with her showroom in Porto Cervo, where she offers creations designed to meet all of your different and sophisticated furnishing needs .

Upholstery in the Costa Smeralda

For over thirty years Tessilarredo has made the best of Sardinian textile tradition dedicated to home furnishings. Our production includes mainly customized Sardinian carpets, interior curtains and upholstery for nautical crafts. The common element of all our work is the very high quality of the fabrics and the love for what we do. Our showroom is in Porto Cervo but we operate throughout the Costa Smeralda and Sardinia.

The Collection

The craftsmanship of Tessilarredo products is guaranteed by craftsmanship and semi-mechanical horizontal frames, which allow rapid execution of basic textures and sophisticated manual work with the technique of the ‘sopradiccio’, and in the varieties of semipieno, they are fully filled in cotton, linen and Sardinian wool, customizable with hand embroidery and designs provided by the customer.


Sardinian pillows, pillowcases with traditional designs or custom designs that are required by the customer. We have high quality fabrics and a wide assortment of colours and sizes.


Sardinian curtains of the Costa Smeralda. Our production can be of different fabrics including cotton and linen, which can be customized to suit any environment and needs.


The realization and sale of our Sardinian rugs is one of the characteristic features of La Tessilarredo. Originally from Aggius, the Sardinian rug has evolved in style, while remaining faithful to traditional designs and working techniques.

Outdoor Solutions

In addition to the design of interior textiles solutions, we produce upholstery solutions for garden sofas, gazebos, and outdoor living areas.


we have sofas, armchairs, chaise longues, poufs and chairs with our usual craftsmanship of detail.

Sardinian furnishings

In our showcase of Sardinian crafts and furniture in Costa Smeralda you can find everything you need for the interior decoration of your home.

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